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New Series Underway

2010-09-08 23:52:32 by TheDistortionProject


The story of a group of friends getting into the most ridiculous adventures. Running into aliens responsible for AIDS, a group of child molesters, A pedophile from the future, and their favorite cartoon character coming to life and destroying all life on Earth.

Coming Soon

New Series Underway


2010-08-09 11:59:01 by TheDistortionProject

Whipped up a disclaimer for future vids.


stay tuned for our next animation

Can you guess what will happen to this adorable seal?

Hate Twilight?

2010-07-05 15:27:02 by TheDistortionProject

I'm sure we all enjoy ripping on twilight, but instead we're going to portray true events that appear in the twilight saga. Just to show everyone what a fucked up hack Stephine Myer really is. It'll be up in one or two days.

Hate Twilight?


2010-07-04 18:01:55 by TheDistortionProject

Hey its the Distortion Project. We make really stupid and inappropriate animations for your amusement...yay....

Anyways, I just started this newgrounds account, be sure to check out our youtube page for more vids ionProject